Spyware and Viruses
We offer a removal service of all Spyware, Viruses, Worms, Trojans, and other malicious programs (Malware).

Our prices are the best you will find because our 12 years experience enables us to diagnose and solve problems a lot faster than many other repair services. If your Anti Virus software and Anti Spyware software are not up to date we will install the appropriate software for your personal needs to protect you in the future. Our charge for this service (including the software) is often less then you would pay for the software alone due to our discount buying and bulk purchases.

In the past few years the amount of Spyware, Viruses and other malicious programs has increased dramatically. No matter how careful you are it is only a matter of time before you get Spyware and Viruses on your computer. Luckily there are things you can do to lower the risks and delay the inevitable. Make sure you see the information on Spyware under FAQs. It will help you understand what is at risk and how dangerous spyware can be not only to your computer but even more so to your privacy and financial well being.

If your computer starts running slowly, if you are having trouble getting onto the Internet or you are getting booted more frequently, then you likely have Spyware, Viruses, Trojans, Hijackers or other Malware infecting your system. Keep in mind that if you haven’t had your computer serviced for a while there are probably other things also causing it to slow down or run erratically. Things that also cause poor performance are a fragmented hard drive, temporary files, temporary Internet files, and unnecessary items in your start up tray, RAM allocation issues, faulty RAM, excessive files, Operating System issues, software that’s incompatible with other software etc. Usually, it is a combination of things that cause a computer’s performance to degrade. Once the symptoms develop you need a competent computer repair person (and the neighborhood kid that claims he is a computer whiz does not qualify) to check out and fix the multiple issues. If your neighbor or anyone else you know was qualified to fix these issues they would repair computers as a profession.

Most of the time letting someone other than a professional try to fix a problem only makes things worse. That computer that was running slowly and needed only minor repairs now won’t start up. If the operating system must be reinstalled then the cost of fixing the computer can triple. So, it is better you read it here than find out after the fact when your system needs major repairs or you have lost everything that was on your hard drive. If nothing else, do yourself a favor and get your computer serviced when it is only a minor repair rather than a major one.

The FAQs and all the information on this site is designed to help you maintain your computer properly, to prevent problems when possible, and to lessen the number of times your computer needs service or repairs. We want your business when you have a problem but we want to help prevent as many problems as we can. That’s the big difference between us and other computer repair businesses. We don’t just tell you where we are and what we do… we also go to great lengths to show you what you can do to keep your computer trouble free. Call us for an estimate when you need one, but the rest of the time use this site and the FAQs to prevent problems and to find answers regarding routine maintenance.

If the fact that waiting will eventually turn a minor expense into a major one doesn’t concern you then the following should. Spyware on your computer can be hijacking you to other infected sites, blocking you from Internet access completely and sending your personal information (like your password or credit card number) to someone that won’t be using it to buy you a present. They can use your information to purchase things via the Internet or by phone and run up your credit card which can end up being very costly. Everyone should be concerned about their computer being infected for reasons other than just poor performance or the cost of the repair. And, unfortunately the more the Spyware spreads the harder it is to remove. Often Anti Spyware programs either can’t or won’t find the Spyware (or can’t remove it if they do find it) when you perform a scan. This is when you have to use special tools or manually remove the infection. So, 90% of the time the problem is software and user related. The other 10% of the time, the problem is hardware related like a faulty Hard Drive, Motherboard, Power Supply or Memory. If you have your PC repaired before things get worse, it can usually be fixed the same day at minimal cost.

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