Hardware and Software

Today computers are not just used as glorified typewriters any more.  With all the new uses and new devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, highly complex video games, All-in-One printers, and other optional devices, many old and even new computers need hardware upgrades.  We will upgrade your computer and actually have it running faster then the day you bought it.  Also, we can order any hardware you need through our discount hardware suppliers or install hardware that you provide.  We provide all of the following services and upgrades:

Upgrades and Drivers

Other Hardware Upgrades

Other Services

Retail Sales
We carry or can order most hardware and peripherals needed to upgrade or repair your computer.  Call us and we can help you determine what you need.  We also sell new, almost new, and used towers, laptops, monitors or complete systems, so check with us when you need any of the above.   

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