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We have 12 years experience in repairing and servicing computers and are based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania near the New Jersey border. We take pride in the fact that we complete most jobs in less than 24 hours. Make sure you click the “ABOUT US” tab to learn more about how we do business and the FAQs” (Frequently Asked Questions) tab where you can learn how to prevent many common computer problems. We have gone to great lengths to create extensive questions and answers to cover a wide range of subjects. It is our belief that we serve everyone better by helping prevent problems rather than just fixing them after the damage is done. Be proactive and make sure you at least understand what Spyware is and the threat it represents to everyone that uses a computer. All the information is free so please make use of it.

We specialize in solutions for residential customers and small businesses in the Lehigh Valley and western New Jersey areas. Many of our clients come from more than 90 minutes away because they value our service and because we have earned their trust. Our business is 90% referrals and we thank our clients for feeling that they are doing a friend or neighbor a favor by recommending us. Most of our clients prefer to bring their towers or notebooks to our door but we also make house calls and schedule appointments. All the above can be done during regular business hours and after normal business hours when necessary.

Our services cover both PCs and Macs! Whether it is removing dangerous Spyware and Viruses, data recovery, or helping you set up a new computer, we are there for you. Support and repairs are done both onsite and offsite and we also offer solutions for Web development and business growth. Individual or group training on a wide variety of computer functions, software, and peripherals is also available. Phone calls are always welcome when you have a problem (there is never a charge to listen or offer a solution) and often we can tell you what the problem is over the phone.

When it is necessary to make use of our services in any form, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.  Make sure you check out the information listed under the Spyware & Viruses tab since it is very helpful and easy to understand.  In the FAQs, read the answer to the questions that interest you and especially those pertaining to Spyware since it is the biggest threat to your computer, your account information, and your identity.

Our drop off and pick up hours are 9AM to 7PM Monday through Friday. Saturday hours are 9AM to 3Pm. Sunday hours are 9AM to 1PM. We can do emergency repairs after normal business hours for an additional fee. We realize you don't get to choose when you need help so our phone hours for questions and over the phone support are 9AM to 9PM Monday through Sunday. Leave a message with some details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to working with you and will make your computer operate better, run faster, and enable you to work or play more safely. Call us for an assessment over the phone or for our free preliminary diagnostics. Enjoy browsing the site, especially the FAQs.

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